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اختر خطتك السعرية

  • Exorcism and Deliverance Training: 1

    Exorcism and Deliverance Training: Chapter 1, Lesson 1
    • Introduction to Inner Healing and Deliverance
    • Biblical Basis
    • What are "Alters"?
    • Why Do Alters Form?
    • What Purpose Do Alters Serve?
    • Effects of Unintegrated Alters
    • Principles of Inner Healing
    • Steps for Inner Healing through Jesus Christ
    • Approaching Jesus as a Friend & Father
    • Key Steps to Inner Healing in Christ
  • Exorcism and Deliverance Training: 2

    Exorcism and Deliverance Training: Chapter 1, Lesson 2
    • Cautions Regarding Alters
    • Recognizing Demonic Interference
    • Common Entry Points
    • Misconceptions about Deliverance Ministry
    • The Nature and Operations of Demons
    • Volunteer Testimonies & Questions
  • Exorcism and Deliverance Training: 3

    Exorcism and Deliverance Training: Chapter 1, Lesson 2
    • How to identify different dissociated parts (alters)
    • Steps for breaking generational curses and occult ties
    • How unresolved trauma gives demons access
    • How to pray prayers of deliverance to drive out demons
    • The importance of compassion, wisdom and discernment
  • Exorcism and Deliverance Training: 4

    Identifying and Ministering to Alters
    • How to identify demonic spirits and distinguish them from hu
    • Principles for confronting evil spirits and casting them out
    • Skills for facilitating inner healing for dissociated
    • Approaches to break generational curses and remove demonic
    • Ways to minister healing for emotional wounds and traumas
    • Tools for exposing the occult & renouncing past involvement
    • How to lead people into powerful encounters with Jesus
  • Exorcism and Deliverance Training: 5

    Facilitating Inner Healing
    • Developing an Intimate Prayer Life with Jesus
    • Engaging in Deliverance Ministry
    • Facilitating Inner Healing
    • Understanding Dissociation and Trauma
    • Prayerful Guidance Through Memories:
    • Preventing False Memories
    • Self-Care and Vicarious Trauma Prevention
    • Alternative Inner Healing Approaches
    • Testimonies of Healing
    • Boundaries and Self-Care
    • Review of Relevant Psychology and Neuroscience
    • Guidance for Discerning True vs. False Memories
    • Diversity of Healing Methods
  • Exorcism and Deliverance Training: 6

    Facilitating Inner Healing
    • Sacred Nature of Inner Healing
    • Key Training Topics
    • Prerequisites for Facilitating Inner Healing
    • Gathering Revelation
    • Targeted Transformational Truth
    • Ongoing Support and Community
  • The Daniel Prayer Playbook Training

    كل شهر
    Monthly Subscription
    • Exploring Daniel's Prophetic Legacy
    • Foundational Teachings on Heavenly Courts
    • Mastering the Art of Effective Prayer
    • Engagement with Spiritual Warfare
    • Enhanced Prayer and Intercession
    • Holistic Healing Techniques
    • Jesus-Centered Methodology
    • Heavenly Judgment and Mercy
    • Transformational Learning Journey
  • Self Deliverance Training

    كل شهر
    Self Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare Training
    • Introduction to Inner Healing and Deliverance
    • Inner Healing & Deliverance for the Brokenhearted
    • Approaching Jesus as Friend and Father in Prayer
    • Effective Prayer Strategies
    • Discerning and Confirming Freedom
    • Steps to Inner Healing and Deliverance
    • Additional Steps When Feeling Stuck
    • Self Deliverance Holy Spirit Lead
    • Additional Warfare Tips
    • Self Deliverance working with Demons
  • The Courts of Heaven Masterclass

    كل شهر
    • Accessing the Mercy Court of Heaven
    • Reasons Your Prayers are not answered
    • The 3 Models of prayer Jesus gave
    • The Adversary & Accusations
    • Accusations & Inner Healing
    • Create and present your case
    • Volunteer walkthroughs
    • Step by Step Instructions
    • Downloadable notes
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