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Pastoral Counseling Services



Personal Sessions

Pastoral Counseling Services

We understand that some issues need to be addressed on a more personal level. We have dedicated Pastors who specialize in Pastoral  Counseling and Inner Healing that changes lives through the leading of the Holy Spirit as we counsel, coach and pray with you. The coaching and guidance offered is based on Biblical principles and truths.

We are a full-time counseling ministry dedicated to helping the hurting receive healing and hope.

Our Pastoral Counselors help clients get the help they need to live fuller lives and find hope in Jesus.  We are passionate about helping our clients live resilient, joyful, and meaningful lives by walking with the Lord. We use Biblical teaching to provide a solid foundation of support.  All information shared is treated as confidential and our compassionate Pastors are respectful of each person’s journey.

If Biblical counseling support would bless you or someone you know, please reach out to us. We would love to help!

Our counseling process begins with several sessions devoted to understanding your problem and its role in your life. In this process, you and your counselor determine what you would like to achieve and what approach to take to fulfill those goals. 



  • Improve communication between you and other

  • Rebuilding life after a significant loss

  • Recover from a divorce

  • Parent more effectively

  • Enrich a marriage

  • Assess areas of work and growth with a future partner

  • Heal effects from abusive relationships

  • Resolve the causes of depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, or insecurity

  • Develop a more enriching and holistic faith


Individual Counseling provides the opportunity for an individual to work with a counselor to resolve issues of vital concern to that individual. This can be done on a short-term or long-term basis.


Couple Counseling provides the opportunity for a couple to work with a counselor on relational issues and dynamics, as well as disruptive communication patterns in an effort to improve the quality of the relationship.


Spiritual Direction is for persons wanting to explore and grow in their faith and who are not in crisis, may chose to contract with one of our staff for spiritual direction. This is an opportunity to reflect on one’s life and activities intentionally through the eyes and resources of one’s faith perspective and to be guided in that process by a spiritual director.

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Pastoral Counseling Services

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Work with experienced Pastors who has a heart for the broken-hearted & specializes in Deliverance, Inner Healing, Pastoral Counseling and Accessing the Mercy Court of Heaven.

We are a full-time stand-alone, self-supporting Counseling Ministry. We do not accept insurance.

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Healing The Brokenhearted Pastors practice in the state of Oregon as an alternative non-licensed therapist under Oregon Regulatory Statute 675.825(4). We’ve chosen this style of practice because we believe it's the best fit for our ministry to teach to provide a Biblical solid foundation of support.


We have dedicated Pastors who specialize in Pastoral Counseling, Inner Healing and Deliverance that changes lives through the leading of the Holy Spirit as we counsel, coach and pray with you. 


Don’t delay, Don’t wait, Get help today!

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