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Heal Your Heart with Guidance from Above: Join Our Christian Counseling Sessions

At Healing the Brokenhearted, we offer a sanctuary for healing and growth underpinned by faith and scripture. Pastor Timothy Tomlinson provides expert advice and support, integrate Christian counseling with biblical truth, providing a holistic approach to tackle emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges. 


Whether you're facing life transitions, grief, demonic oppression or personal conflicts, our compassionate counseling sessions are designed to empower you with the tools and insights needed for healing and renewal. Embrace a journey of transformation where your faith is both your shield and guide, and where each session brings you closer to the peace and purpose God has planned for you.

Testimony from Jens-Boye Hauge

★★★★★ Google Review

Receive guidance in issues that you want the Lord to heal, experienced advice and facilitation for the Lord to heal them. Timothy is kind, warm hearted, passionate for Jesus and loves to be in the Lord’s service as well as helping brothers and sisters in Christ. I fully recommend Timothy Tomlinson’s Ministries in the journey to seek out the freedom the Lord has for us.

New Book Release: The Daniel Prayer Playbook

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"The Daniel Prayer Playbook" book authored by Pastor Timothy Tomlinson is an insightful exploration of the Courts of Heaven, offering strategies for believers to bring their prayers directly to God. This guide draws inspiration from the life of Daniel and other biblical figures, teaching readers how to achieve personal and spiritual breakthroughs by accessing divine justice. It provides a deep dive into the dynamics of prayer and intercession, focusing on the role of Jesus in overturning adversarial claims in the heavenly courtroom, which promotes profound healing and freedom. Through compelling stories of transformation under Pastor Timothy's guidance, the book not only educates but also inspires readers to engage in their own spiritual battles, providing practical tools and a 7-day devotional to help integrate these teachings into daily life.

Testimony from Hanna Youn

★★★★★ Google Review

My personal experience here felt life-saving and overwhelmingly edifying during a time of personal spiritual confusion and turmoil. It really is a ministry. I received a lot of unexpected encouragement from Jesus which helped release me from some life threatening lies that I did not recognize I was deeply fighting against. and guidance/tools for experiencing the inner healing and deliverance that flows from the cross. I felt that pastor Timothy is surrendered to Christ and professional. I would recommend anyone to reach out and see what God has in store for them. The ministry feels like a deep gem of light to me. I am so thankful.

Forget everything you know about deliverance  ministry

Healing the Brokenhearted: A Christian Approach to Deliverance and Renewal

At Healing the Brokenhearted, we apply the biblical principles of asking, seeking, and knocking, while embracing a personal connection with Christ as judge, friend, and father. Our sessions are designed to be tranquil and inviting, allowing participants to confidently address their spiritual needs through prayer and faith. This approach not only aids in spiritual healing but also deepens their relationship with Christ, fostering a pathway to both liberation and spiritual growth.

Many face challenges like unresolved emotional pain or spiritual oppression, which cloud their spiritual paths. Christian Deliverance offers a way forward by bringing these issues before Christ in prayer. As Jesus promises, 'Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest' (Matthew 11:28). This process not only fosters healing but also deepens relationships with Christ, empowering individuals to lead lives filled with peace and spiritual fulfillment.

Are you ready to break free from emotional pain and spiritual oppression? Our Christian Deliverance sessions are designed to guide you through a peaceful and empowering healing process. By personally connecting with Christ, you can begin to uncover and resolve the deep-seated issues that hinder your spiritual path. Take control of your journey towards peace and spiritual fulfillment today. Reach out to schedule your first session and start your transformation towards a renewed life.

Testimony from Felicia Macgranaky-Quaye

★★★★★ Google Review

Since I have come to know Pastor Timothy I have grown a lot in the Lord. I needed someone to help me with my walk with the Lord and Pastor Timothy has done exactly that. Especially in the area of deliverance. He is a man of God one can rely on when it comes to inner healing, deliverance and so much more.

Approach the Throne: Personal Advocacy with Pastor Timothy in the Courts of Heaven

Unlock the power of divine advocacy with our 'Courts of Heaven' sessions, led by Pastor Timothy Tomlinson. These personal advocacy sessions provide a unique opportunity to present your struggles directly before Christ, our righteous Judge and Mediator. Whether you're seeking liberation from spiritual blockages, emotional wounds, or physical ailments, Pastor Timothy guides each session with deep spiritual insight and compassion. Experience the profound transformation that comes from voicing your needs in a sacred space designed for divine justice and healing. Embrace the journey towards renewal as you engage with heavenly forces to find solutions and peace.

Many individuals face overwhelming challenges, including spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and financial hardships that block their paths to peace and prosperity. In our 'Courts of Heaven' sessions led by Pastor Timothy Tomlinson, participants have a unique opportunity to present their struggles directly to Jesus, our divine Judge and Advocate. These sessions offer a sacred space to seek resolutions and healing, helping individuals to clear blockages in all areas of life. Through this spiritual process, participants gain the tools and divine insight needed to overcome their obstacles and restore balance and fulfillment in their lives.

Are you ready to overcome the obstacles that hinder your spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and financial well-being? Join us in the 'Courts of Heaven' sessions and take a step towards divine intervention and healing. Experience the power of presenting your case directly to Jesus, our Judge and Advocate, and unlock the solutions you need for a fuller, more liberated life. Don’t let your burdens weigh you down any longer. Reach out now to schedule your personal advocacy session and start your journey to renewal and restoration.

Testimony from Shimon Moore

★★★★★ Google Review

Tim Tomlinson is truly led by Holy Spirit. His ministry is anointed. I learned a lot during the 90 minute session I can use every day, and the whole experience was scripture-based and uplifting. I highly recommend! 


Breaking Chains: Christian Counseling for Satanic Ritual Abuse Recovery

Survivors of satanic ritual abuse face unique and profound challenges that can deeply impact their spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. Our Christian counseling program provides a compassionate and secure environment where healing begins with Christ at the center. Through biblically grounded methods and prayer, we guide survivors towards reclaiming their lives and identities from the shadows of their past traumas. Emphasizing the transformative power of divine love and forgiveness, we support each individual's journey to restoration and peace. By integrating faith with holistic techniques, we help survivors break the chains of their abuse, restore their faith, and move forward into a future filled with hope and renewal.

Survivors of satanic ritual abuse have deep emotional scars from extremely traumatic experiences. They often deal with strong fears, mistrust, nightmares, and a feeling of being alone. The abuse affects their life deeply, making it hard for them to have healthy relationships and stable emotions. Many survivors also face spiritual challenges, questioning their beliefs and their ideas about evil and forgiveness. They need a kind of therapy that is caring and covers their emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs to help them heal and regain control and meaning in their lives.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the scars of satanic ritual abuse, our Christian counseling program is here to help. Offering a safe, compassionate, and faith-centered path to recovery, we use biblically grounded techniques and prayer to support your healing journey. Reach out today to reclaim your life and identity through Christ’s love and forgiveness. Begin your journey to restoration and renewal—contact us now to start healing.

Testimony from Camila Sousa

★★★★★ Google Review

On this spiritual journey, we all need to be guided and I believe it is the Holy Spirit that guides us to the right person at the exact moment we need it. I searched a lot and when I saw timothy's profile I was confident that it would be a key for me to go further on my journey. Thank you for the amazing session we had, Inner Healing and Deliverance is essential for any Christian.


About Pastor Timothy Tomlinson
My name is Pastor Timothy Tomlinson, and I have dedicated over 15 years to ministry, serving in various capacities including worship pastor, youth pastor, associate pastor, and senior pastor. I have been privileged to lead my own church, Kingdom Bible Church, and for the past 14 years, I have been the guiding force behind Healing the Brokenhearted, a Christian Counseling Ministry.

I bring to my role a rich blend of experience and specialized training as a Christian counselor and spiritual guide. My professional journey in counseling began with New Life Ministries, where I was deeply involved in both group and individual sessions, focusing on marriage guidance and support for troubled youth. Under the mentorship of Senior Pastor Lawrence Fontana and Associate Pastor Carol Paris, I gained invaluable insights and skills. Their guidance was instrumental in shaping my approach to counseling, particularly in developing a deep understanding of diverse personal and spiritual struggles. This experience has been fundamental in equipping me to provide empathetic and effective counsel, allowing me to connect with and support individuals through their unique life challenges and spiritual journeys.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Scott Bicton, a respected expert in Christian Inner Healing, Deliverance, and Exorcisms, I honed my skills in these sensitive and profound areas of spiritual healing. Additionally, my formal training in Biblical Counseling from New Life Ministries has equipped me with an extensive understanding of scriptural wisdom, enriching my ability to guide individuals through life's challenges with faith-based solutions.

In my current role at Healing the Brokenhearted, we specialize in pastoral counseling, inner healing, deliverance, exorcisms, and facilitating encounters with Jesus as judge in the Courts of Heaven. Our mission is to aid individuals who are grappling with broken hearts, demonic oppression, and various obstacles that impede their spiritual and emotional progress. We offer personalized sessions, including opportunities for deliverance and to present cases in the heavenly courts.

My personal testimony is one of experiencing God's healing power firsthand. Having been delivered from a tobacco addiction and the heartache following the loss of my daughter, I am a living testament to His grace and mercy. This journey fuels my passion for sharing His love and healing power with others.

If you are seeking healing and restoration, I warmly invite you to connect with me and my dedicated team at Healing the Brokenhearted. We are committed to walking alongside you on your journey, helping you to experience the profound love and transformative power of Jesus.

Testimony from Pastor Andrett N.

In my search for healing from painful childhood memories related to my grandfather's involvement in Freemasonry, I sought help from Pastor Timothy. He guided me through the process of seeking forgiveness and healing from Jesus. As I forgave my grandparents and others involved, I felt Jesus comforting me and promising to cast those memories into the abyss. With Pastor Timothy's guidance, I commanded the demonic spirits to go to the pit in Jesus' name. I am grateful for Pastor Timothy's support and the healing I experienced through Jesus Christ

Paid Consultation with Pastor Timothy

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Testimony from Alma Beston:

★★★★ Google Review

Because I have sought God for many years, my personal trial had not been ended according to the will and way of our Lord God Almighty. Rev. Tomlinson has sought and received the gift of the Holy Spirit by Power/Fire as the disciples received on the day of Pentecost. This means that God speaks through him and I wanted the assurance from God and not from a human counsellor perspective. Rev. Tomlinson, is a man after God's heart and will listen differently to us and receive guidance from the Lord that is priceless guidance.

Navigating the Journey to Freedom: FAQs on Exorcism, Deliverance, and Christian Inner Healing


What is Christian Deliverance?

Christian deliverance, also known as spiritual liberation, is a dynamic and ongoing sanctification process in which an individual is set free from spiritual oppression or demonic influence, thereby restoring their spiritual and emotional well-being. Rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, this practice embraces a three-pronged prayer strategy that involves approaching Jesus as a friend, father, and judge, as supported by various scriptural references.

Mark 1:34 highlights Jesus' authority over evil spirits and His power to heal, demonstrating the fundamental basis of this deliverance. Meanwhile, Jesus' prophecy in Luke 4:18-19 unveils His mission, including spiritual liberation and healing for those under oppression. 

By following this approach, believers build a deeper connection with Jesus, fostering a strong foundation for inner healing and forgiveness. Christian inner healing focuses on addressing the legal rights at the root of spiritual oppression, allowing individuals to break free from negative forces and fully embrace the transformative power of God's grace. This belief aligns with Romans 12:2, emphasizing the ongoing process of transformation and renewal of the mind as a part of God's will.

This practice is commonly performed by pastors, ministers, or other trained Christian leaders who invoke the power, name and authortiy of Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:9-11) and the Holy Spirit to cast out negative forces or entities from the afflicted person's life. James 5:14-16 underlines the importance of prayer, community, and confession in achieving healing and deliverance, demonstrating this practice's biblical foundation.

As part of the ongoing sanctification process, Christian deliverance encourages continuous spiritual growth and development, helping individuals strengthen their relationship with Jesus an