Curses Removed & Healing

I’m a 57 year old man who knows the bible a bit and just haven’t really gone to church in awhile. About 8 months ago something happened to me and I felt like I had a curse put on me and my whole life changed. I keep seeing dark figures in the shadow and I know this sounds crazy however a demon has been entering my body and creating pain wherever it goes.

This demon has been tormenting me for over 8 months and I’ve tried praying the Lord's prayer, I’ve fasted, I’ve pleaded the blood of Jesus over me and even asked for forgiveness for everything I’ve ever done and nothing seems to work.

I found Pastor Timothy’s ministry late one night and scheduled a time to do a consultation. I needed help now so once I spoke with Pastor Timothy and I booked my Inner Healing and Deliverance session for that day.

I couldn’t believe all the woundedness and unforgiveness I had towards others and the Lord came and healed 6 major wounded areas in my life. During Deliverance I found out that I had generational curses that had brought part of this torment as well as I went to a fortune teller. Pastor Timothy broke off generational curses, witchcraft and occult practices as well as major wounded areas in my life blocking me from moving forward. Once we were done there was such a peace and joy knowing I was set free in Jesus name. Thank you Pastor Timothy and your ministry for helping me through this difficult time.

Terry M

Bayou la Batre, Alabama

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