Light in the darkness!

I was rejected from my father and mother before I was even born! As I grew up it was apparent that I was unwanted, rejected and physically abused. These past wounds have tormented me with PTSD, Depression, Self-hate, Self-Harm (cutting) and Suicidal Thoughts. I've been in pain and tormented most of my life from my abuse as a child. I knew I needed help like I have in the past however I didn't want to see another counselor or psychiatrist because talking about it or medicating doesn't truly heal me. 

Pastor Timothy prayed with me after I shared with him some major traumas from childhood. He was very compassionate, caring and understood how to heal deep soul wounds that I thought were un-healable. For the first time in 38 years there are no bad emotions associated with my past abuse as a child! What a miracle! 

I have more healing to do on other things however Pastor Timothy gave me the tools to do inner healing on myself. Thank you Pastor Timothy for being a light in the dark!

Stephanie P

Portland, Oregon

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