Depression & Anxiety Healed

I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and hopelessness for years with no hope in sight. I’ve gone to medical doctors, shrinks and even seen my own pastor and nothing seems to break off these negative emotions. I stopped taking my anxiety and depression medication a year ago because I didn’t like the way it made me feel and it really didn’t fix anything.

I figured what I’m going through had to be spiritual so I started searching and found Pastor Timothy. He made me realize that I’ve never dealt with my past and I needed healing from people who have done me wrong. I needed to forgive them as well as get healing.

I also had many soul ties that kept me from moving on with healthy relationships. Through Pastor Timothy’s Inner Healing and Deliverance session I receive the healing I was looking for as well major areas of my life were set free in Jesus name.

I just want to thank Pastor Timothy and his wife Sarah for being there for me.

Tom M.

Littleton, Colorado

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