I felt a lot of peace come over me

Hi Pastor Timothy,

I’ve gone through the online training for both Self Inner Healing and Deliverance and just wanted to let you know how the Inner healing went for my (PSYCHOSIS). I did all three worksheets and during Self Inner Healing the Holy Spirit told me, (Please child of mine, be still and I will heal you. You are a child of God).

I felt a lot of peace come over me!

Once I finished with the Self Inner Healing training I started on Self Deliverance training I found out the enemy had legal rights that needed healing with 10 wounds parts associated with the wound, Jesus came and healed the wounds and He took the pain away.

I am pretty sure I have had this my whole life I am 51 now , no one ever told me. Me and my husband are very Thankful for your Ministries.

Jen J

Saint Charles, Missouri

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