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Liberated by Jesus: Ash's Journey to Inner Healing from Demonic Torment

With courage and determination, Ash took a brave step forward and volunteered to undergo Christian inner healing with Pastor Timothy. For years, she had been tormented relentlessly by violent demons, a harrowing ordeal that began after a tragic accident where she slipped on ice. In that moment, an oppressive and sinister presence entered her body and soul, leaving her in a state of demonic affliction.

Pastor Timothy, with compassion, guided Ash to come directly to Jesus as a faithful Friend, encouraging her to cry out to the Lord and seek intervention in the root trauma memory. Turning to the Lord in dependent prayer, Ash allowed God's Word to divide her innermost being, exposing the deepest parts of her soul.

By faith, Ash chose to forgive herself for her past involvement in the occult, recognizing that it had opened a gateway for the demonic influences. In response, Jesus ministered His supernatural peace to her broken heart, and Ash persisted in seeking heaven's intervention through prayer.

Approaching the Lord as the Just Judge, Ash continuously brought her needs before the Courts of Heaven, seeking breakthrough until Jesus Himself intervened on her behalf, bringing liberation. The Wonderful Counselor testified against the demons, leading to a verdict that set Ash free.

Through self-deliverance in Christ's authority, the Holy Spirit brought to light generational sins from her parents, but Ash remained steadfast, shamelessly seeking Jesus' grace until every hidden stronghold was revealed and broken. In the end, Jesus' glorious power completely liberated Ash, and all praise belonged to His name alone.

Confirmation of Healing and Freedom:

1. Jesus spoke gently to Ash's heart, encouraging her to "let it go" and assuring her of His love as His child. His words brought comfort and confirmed her liberation.

2. In personal encounters, Jesus revisited the traumatic "root" memories with Ash, and His presence brought peace, confirming healing in those areas.

Through tender words of affirmation, intimate times of healing past wounds, and the quiet assurance of His indomitable power, Jesus confirmed His liberation in Ash's life. His manifold manifestations served as a testament to His authority and ability to deliver us from darkness.


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