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Coming to Jesus as friend through Inner healing walkthrough for Broken Vows to God

Testimony from Stephanie

Around 30 years ago, I vowed to serve the Lord after He healed me from various challenges. Over time, I realized I hadn't fully committed to my vow, so I called upon Jesus to heal my broken parts and help me forgive myself. As I actively pursued Jesus, He brought freedom, restoration, and forgiveness into my life, lifting any resentment, guilt, or shame. Despite initial difficulties in approaching Jesus as a friend, I found true healing and freedom through this genuine relationship with Him.

More detailed Testimony:

Around 30 years ago, I made a vow to the Lord that I would serve Him faithfully after He healed me from challenges that I had been facing. However, over the years, I realized that I hadn't fully committed to that vow. In my desperation, I called upon Jesus, seeking His name and authority. I prayed for Him to divide my soul and spirit and heal the broken parts of me.

As I sought Jesus's help, I acknowledged that I needed His assistance to forgive myself for not fulfilling my vow. I asked Jesus to forgive me and sought His guidance on this issue. That was when I felt Jesus's presence, bringing freedom and restoration to my life.

Jesus assured me that my issues had been resolved, that I was forgiven, and that I no longer needed to carry any resentment, guilt, or shame. Through this experience, I learned that only by actively pursuing Jesus could I truly find my freedom.

At times, it was difficult to approach Jesus as a friend, but I realized that it was supposed to be easy. By allowing Jesus into my life and pursuing a genuine relationship with Him, I was able to find the healing and freedom that I had been seeking for so long.


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