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Navigating Inner Healing: Overcoming Witchcraft, Bodily Strongholds, and Unforgiveness

Testimony from Kira S.

For two years, I endured continuous witchcraft and voodoo attacks from a girl named Terio Smith, despite not having done anything to her. I sought help and was advised to intercede for her while also working on my own inner healing. During my healing process, I asked Jesus to help me forgive Terio and guide me through this challenging time. As I began to forgive her by faith, I felt the Lord's presence, like a giant shield protecting me from the enemy's blows. I received confirmations from Jesus that He was healing the issue and bringing peace to the situation. With His help, I am now optimistic that everything will eventually stop and be resolved. Praise the Lord.

Detailed Testimony:

For two long and exhausting years, I found myself targeted by a girl named Terio Smith, who relentlessly attacked me with witchcraft and voodoo, despite my having done nothing to provoke her. Feeling lost and desperate for relief, I sought guidance and was advised to intercede on Terio's behalf, while simultaneously working on my own inner healing.

It was during this process that I discovered the true power of actively pursuing Jesus. I began to pray fervently, asking Jesus to not only help me find the strength to forgive Terio, but also to guide me through this challenging and painful time in my life. As I started to forgive her by faith, I could feel the Lord's comforting presence, like a giant, impenetrable shield that protected me from the enemy's relentless blows.

Through my active pursuit of Jesus, I was blessed with divine confirmations that He was working to heal the issues I faced and bring peace to my situation. It was only by truly seeking Jesus and putting my faith in Him that I found the freedom I so desperately needed. With His help, I am now optimistic that the attacks will eventually cease and that I will be completely liberated from the torment I have endured. I am eternally grateful to Jesus for guiding me through this journey, and I am now a testament to the transformative power of His love and grace.


May 12, 2023

For 9years I am under this witchcraft attack I am on my death bed this evil wants to kill me I am desperate desperate sick sick my whole body is in deep pains crying with deep deppression please I am desperate desperate desperate desperate

Replying to

Thank you for sharing your deeply personal and challenging experience. It's clear that you are facing immense difficulties, and your courage in reaching out for help is commendable. Please know that you are not alone in this struggle. I encourage you to seek immediate support from healthcare professionals who can provide the care and assistance you need. Additionally, finding a community of faith for spiritual support can be immensely helpful. You are in our thoughts and prayers for healing, strength, and peace during this tough time. Stay strong and keep reaching out for help. 🙏💙

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