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SRA Abuse, Ceremony with Freemason | Testimony of Confusion and Fear Healed

In a compelling testimony, Pastor Timothy Tomlinson recounted a profound session of Christian counseling and inner healing for Pastor Andrett, a woman and survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Andrett vividly described traumatic memories involving Freemasonry rituals. She recalled being dressed in white, seeing dark figures, and being placed on a stone altar. Pastor Timothy, with a compassionate and steady presence, encouraged Andrett to voice these painful memories, creating a safe space for healing to commence.

Pastor Timothy asked Andrett to identify the emotions linked to these traumatic events, which included confusion and pain. He prayed aloud, "I divide soul and spirit," and invited Jesus to heal the wounded parts of Andrett’s soul. The pastor gently guided her through a prayer of forgiveness, urging her to forgive her grandfather, grandmother, and others involved in the abuse. As Andrett expressed her forgiveness, a palpable sense of release filled the room, paving the way for Jesus’ healing touch.

Next, Pastor Timothy invited Jesus to minister directly to Andrett. He instructed her to listen for Jesus’ voice, reassuring her of His presence. Andrett shared what she heard from Jesus: He never intended for her to remember those horrific events and promised to cast those memories into the abyss. This divine message brought immense relief and peace to Andrett, lifting a significant burden from her spirit.

Pastor Timothy then led Andrett through declarations of spiritual authority over demonic influences. Together, they commanded the demonic spirits to leave, repeating, "I command you, demonic spirit, go to the pit in Jesus' name." Each command was met with a growing sense of empowerment and liberation for Andrett, reinforcing her victory over the darkness that had once oppressed her.

The session concluded with a prayer of gratitude. Pastor Timothy thanked God for the miraculous healing and restoration that had taken place through Jesus. Pastor Andrett, now free from the haunting memories of her past, expressed profound gratitude for the transformation she experienced. This testimony stands as a testament to the power of faith, forgiveness, and divine intervention in the journey of recovery from Satanic Ritual Abuse.


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